The following tenants are located in Collington Business Park. Each recently spoke to Transwestern regarding their reasons for choosing Collington and the status of their current tenancy.

200,000 Sq. Ft
350 Prince George's Boulevard

RIS Paper
Eric Vaaler, Regional Manager

RIS moved from Capitol Heights in 2003 to a newly constructed building by Duke Realty. RIS told transwestern that they found the aesthetic appearance of the park and the friendliness of the neighboring tenants one of the most attractive features. RIS finds the 301 corridor as the best distribution alternative to handle their DC area accounts, particularly Northern Virginia. RIS also believes that their employee retention increased as a result of the Collington relocation.

1,000,000 Sq. Ft

Jack Jacobs, District Operations Manager

Safeway moved from Cheverly MD, inside the DC beltway, and built a 1 million Sq. Ft. distribution complex in 1999. For Safeway, Collington provides the best centrally located distribution location for the Baltimore/Washington area stores. The bulk of Safeway's employees commute from southern MD up to Route 301.

250,000 Sq. Ft
15827 Commerce Court

Buck Distributing
Harry Jones, Regional Manager

Buck moved from Landover in 2002. They built and own their facility. Buck believes that Collington provides the best distribution location for their Miller beer distribution market of southern MD and Washington DC.

Annette Sobol, Regional Manager

Nordstrom handles distribution for the Mid Atlantic from this location. They believe that their employee retention doubled and their internal theft all but disappeared after moving to the location in 2002 from Landover.

175,000 Sq. Ft
16200 Queens Court

Trible's Inc.
Preston Trible, President

Trible's is a 100 year owned appliance distributor that moved to Collington in 2004 to build their own building. Despite the fact that the company owners live in Northern VA, Trible's found the Collington location best for distribution patterns, employee retention and quality corporate image. Trible's plans to expand within Collington.

50,000 Sq. Ft

Baker & Kerr
Dave Baker, President

Baker & Kerr built their headquarters in Collington in 2000 after relocating from Forrestville. The primary feature they enjoy about Collington is the pristine park setting that they believe enhances their property value.

100,000 Sq. Ft
391 Princes George's Boulevard

Welch and Rushe
Steve Nash, Regional Manager

Welch and Rushe moved to Collington in 2002 from Landover primarily for employee retention reasons, the bulk of their workforce lives in southern MD. Welch believes that Collington offers identical distribution access compared to their former Landover location.